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V Shape Chemical Dry Powder Mixer Machine

Time: 2018-09-21 16:03:56

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Pharmaceutical Industrial V Shape Dry Powder Mixer V Type Mixer Machine Price are used for the drying blending of free flowing solid (powder, granule, etc.) in Pharmaceutical Industry, Foodstuff Industry, Spice Industry, Chemical Industry, etc.

This Machine has the following distinguishing features, no blind eagle in the cylinders, and no accumulation of materials, high speed, and short mixing time. With the body made of stainless steel and both inner and outer walls polished, the cylinders have elegant appearance This mixer is applicable for mixing powdery or granular materials in pharmaceutical and other industries. It consists of two V-type cylinders of different altitudes, and through mechanical transmission the materials in these cylinders are made to move back and forth and turn over again and again, thereby achieving the goal of uniform mixing.

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