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Softgel Encapsulation Machine

Time: 2018-08-13 16:53:08

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Pharmaceutical Grade Softgel Encapsulation Machine 
for Different Oil Product

Softgel encapsulation machine can quantificationally inject the oil, mixing suspenion and pasty mass into the capsule to form all kinds of softgel encapsulation with different size, shape and color. Because of the merits of high speed disintegration, easy to oral, hard to oxygenation, easy to store and take, the softgel encapsulation is welcomed by more and more customers. Owing to the high productivity, charging exactly, quality stabilization, high finished product rate, it is favoured by more and more manufacturers and used in the fields of medicine, health products, cosmetic and paintball and so on.
This product has passed provincial-level appraise of new product and the certification of EU, adopted two items of patent technology in manufacturing with exquisite workmanship.


Work Process:

The working principles: put the oil, gelatin-insoluble liquid, paste, plaster inject into between two gelatin skin quantificational, through the two roller dies and press and cutting into various shape soft capsules, The product is widely used in pharmaceutical, cosmetic, health food and pesticide etc.

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