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basket filter centrifuge

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basket filter centrifuge
The machine can be used suitably for filtering solid granular suspension, and also for dehydration suspension, and also for dehydration of fiber material and textile after printing dyeing and washing ,Feeding material from tip ,through trigonal belt of special2-speed motor ensures low speed starting and high speed separation, enabling the drum to set up centrifugal fore field. The liquid through solid phase and screen mesh can be drained off from liquid outlet in the bottom .The solid phase can be chained off from the tip after the machine stops.

Main Features
1 The structure is simple. lt is convenient for operation and maintenance.

2 The generality of usage is very great.

All parts in contact with the materials are made of stainless steel in order to prevent pollution.

The hand brake can shorten the working period.

lt can be used as rough separation equipment  in the first process of the tubular separator.




Type PSS450 PSS600 PSS800 PSS1000 PSS1200
Inner diameter(mm) 450 600 800 1000 1200
Filtration area (m²) 0.42 0.66 1 1.3 1.65
The Max carrying Capacity   (kg) 30 100 135 200 260
Volume   (L) 20 45 100 140 180
Bowl Speed (r/min) 2000 1420 1200 1080 1030
The max separating Factor (ω2.r/g) 100 700 1000 640 780



 If you find above product can not fit your requriement , we can aslo supply the follow centrifuge and separator :



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