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GQ Tubular Bowl Centrifuge

Time: 2018-07-19 16:49:32

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GQ Tubular Bowl Centrifuge

Base on more than 30 years for tubular separator design and market experience, FUYI tubular Separator the best made in China tubular separator with high reputation and good feedback from global customer.
 High-speed centrifuge are widely used in a variety of biological processes from cell harvesting and clarify to separation of chemical,food,blood and pharmaceuticals. High performance is consistently achieved in continuous,semi-continuous or batch operations.
Ruggedly build in a range of sizes,FUYI centrifuge provide an efficient, cost-effective technology for research through production application. FUYI  Centrifuge efficiently separate from one to several thousand liters of biological cultures and other mixtures.For extremely high solids concentrations,drum centrifuge can be supplied for high performance separations。
Based on the separation function,our company have two type centrifuge:Clarify GQ and Separation GF.GQ series tubular centrifuge is mainly used for liquid and solid separation and GF series works on the three phase separation including the light liquid,heavy liquid and solid.

GQ clarify type . GQ45 is our smallest model machine . It is suitable for lab test .
The other model is GQ75, GQ105 ,GQ125,GQ150 .
For easy operation , FUYI GQ type tubular separator have front door open type ,machine body swing type and normal type .
For different material and requirements our machine have Cooling type, Airtight explosion proof,Nitrogen protection and Steam sterilization .

By the way , the machine is customized , so you can tell me your detail requirements then we design and help you choose suitable model machine .

1. Clarification for all kinds of liquid medicine glucose chlorhexidine, malic acid, various oral liquid, Asiatic moonseed rhizome;

2. Extraction for coal tar, graphite slag, a variety of protein, algae, pectin;

3. Refining for Honey

4. Blood separation

5. Hyphae of vaccine

6. Settlement of various glucose

7. Purification of paint, dye, resin, rubber


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