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GF Type High Speed Tubular centrifuge for oil water separation

Time: 2018-07-19 16:24:13

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GF Type High Speed Tubular centrifuge for oil water separation

Liaoning Fuyi Machinery is one of the most famous centrifuge manufacturers in China with 30 years mature experience and techniques. "China Tubular Separator National Standard" is drafted by our company. Nowadays our customers are from global market which give good feedback for our products. We promise supply customers the best quality and service in China.

General Description
Tubular separator is a precise separation machinery which fit for the lower solid content suspension liquid and lower small proportion dissolve liquid.It was the key machinery for the pharmaceutical,food,chemical,bio-products and beverage etc.

Two Series of Tubular Separator :

GF series tubular separator : Liquid Liquid solid three phase separation .

GQ series tubular separator :Liquid solid two phase separation 
Technical Parameters:

Item /Type   GQ/GF45 GQ/GF75 GQ/GF105 GQ/GF125 GQ150
Inner Dia (mm)    45    75 105    125   142
Height(mm)    240    450 730    730   730
Sedimentation Volume (L)    0.4    2.2 6    8   10
Max Speed (r/min)   
Inlet Nozzle Dia(mm)  
Inlet pressure                             ≧0.05 Mpa
Water Through Capacity (L/h)  
  Motor Model Single Phase                                         3 phase
Power   0.4     1.5  2.2 / 3    3 / 4    3 / 4
Discharging way  
Feeding way                                    Continuous
Dimension mm L*W*L (mm) 500*420*760 760*450*1120 840*500*1600 900*550*1600 1020*600*1600
Weight kg    90 kg    300 kg   500-550 kg    580-630 kg   600-660 kg
Material                        All contact with material made by SS304/316L
Starting   time (min)  
                                    About  2
Stopping  time  
                                    About 10
Applicaiton :

1. Transformation of oil, turbine oil, lubricating oil, fuel oil, dye, grease, and all kinds of power materials
2. Purification of Span-80 liquid and various medical liquid
3. Blood Plasma separation and extraction
4. Concentration and refining of cooking oil, Cai Pan soaking liquid tea polyphenol and soybean phospholipid
5. Oil-water separation
Company :

Liaoning FUYI Machinery Co.,Ltd


Liaoning FUYI Machinery Co.,Ltd was established in June 2011 formerly known as Liaoning Sunny Pharmaceutical Machinery Co.,Ltd. FUYI is specializing in the production and design of Disc centrifuge ,Tubular centrifuge ,Decanter centrifuge separator which are widely used in the Food and Dairy , Pharmaceutical and Medicine, Beverage,Plant Oil,Animal oil production.

FUYI Separator provide solution to all technological problems of liquid and solid with more than 30 years experience in the centrifugal separation market. For better separation result , every series products is designed and manufactured based on the different liquid materials thus customer can achieve perfect separation performance. 

FUYI separator promise to provide the most professional technology and advanced quality product for global customers. Our company stocks many kinds of trial machine for customer taking materials to test and examine .We can offer our customers free separation test,

We made the Standard, we beyond it.

Welcome you come to FUYI for visiting and guiding.     

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