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GF105 Tubular Centrifuge

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High Speed Tubular Centrifuge 

Tubular Centrifuges are designed to separate low percentages (<2%) of suspended solids which are between 1 and 0.001 microns in size, and to separate two immiscible liquids of differing densities. Tubular Centrifuges operate at high speed, generating up to 20,000 gravities of centrifugal force, causing solids to collect inside the smooth bore of the stainless steel tube where they are easily recovered. Tubular Centrifuges are an excellent replacement for many traditional filter and membrane applications due to their high efficiency (virtually no product loss) and small footprint. Additionally, unlike traditional filters, they never require pre-coating or back-flushing and can never clog.

Solid-Liquid-Liquid Separation

OPERATION: Up to 20,000 gravities of centrifugal force cause suspended solids to migrate to the centrifuge tube wall where they are retained. As the fluid travels up through the tube, smaller solids eventually migrate to the wall and the clarified fluid is discharged through the top center of the tube.
FLOW: Fluid flow in and out of the centrifuge is continuous while the solids are collected on the tube wall in a batchwise manner. Flow rates may be as high as 200 gallons per hour depending on particle size, density and required separation efficiency.
SEPARATION EFFICIENCY: Solids capture of up to 99.9% is possible depending on product characteristics and flow rate.
SOLIDS HOLDING CAPACITY: Depending on centrifuge size, solids holding capacities range from 0.4 liters to 10 liters. 

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