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Blood plasma tubular bowl separator

Time: 2018-08-03 12:03:30

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Blood Plasma Centrifuge Separator
GFXB-BCS Blood Separator Centrifuge is our company patent product . Type BCS tubular separator is one kind of tubular separator. Which is the improved one on the base of the original separator and through experiment again and again.
BCS tubular separator can be extensively used in separating blood plasma and cell of human being ,pig ,cow ,bovine ,sheep and chicken etc.
The main feature of it is the high yield and the rate of broken blood cell can be reduced to the lowest extent. The contact parts between the separator and materials are made of stainless steel, which can meet the requirements of medicine production industry.

Blood have contain a lot of protein ,aminoacids , The iron in the blood calcium sheen of metal ions are mostly combined with proteins or other organic matter, Easy to be absorbed by human .Animal blood through separation , Purification,Cracking , Enzymatic hydrolysis process, factory  can  developed Bioactive compound products.

Machine Technical Parameter

Model     GFXB-6      GFXB-7  GQXB-6
Bowl Speed r/min 16300       16300 16300
Separation Factor      15620       16660  15620
Through-output      200 L/H       500 L/H  200 L/H
Motor Voltage       2.2 kw        3.0 kw 2.2 kw
Weight       550 kg       650 kg 580 kg
Dimension 840×500×1600 mm 900×550×1700 mm 840×500×1600 mm
Application Blood cell and Plasma separation Separate Hemoglobin from Blood cell

Customer's factory show

Pls check the Link , Video Show .


Company :

Liaoning FUYI Machinery Co.,Ltd was established in June 2011 formerly known as Liaoning Sunny Pharmaceutical Machinery Co.,Ltd. FUYI is specializing in the production and design of Disc centrifuge ,Tubular centrifuge ,Decanter centrifuge separator which are widely used in the Food and Dairy , Pharmaceutical and Medicine, Beverage,Plant Oil,Animal oil production ,Blood ect .
FUYI Separator provide solution to all technological problems of liquid and solid with more than 30 years experience in the centrifugal separation market. For better separation result , every series products is designed and manufactured based on the different liquid materials thus customer can achieve perfect separation performance.
FUYI separator promise to provide the most professional technology and advanced quality product for global customers. Our company stocks many kinds of trial machine for customer taking materials to test and examine .We can offer our customers free separation test,
We made the Standard, we beyond it.
Welcome you come to FUYI for visiting and guiding

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