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Tricanter 3-Phase Decanter Centrifuge for Palm Oil Processing

Time: 2018-07-10 14:37:37

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Tricanter 3-Phase Decanter Centrifuge for Palm Oil Processing

1.Automatic discharging decanter centrifuge 

Decanter centrifuge uses the centrifugal sedimentation to separate the suspension, uses the spiral to unloading material.It is continuously charging, separating, discharging at full speed.It is used in the suspension(in 0.0005~2mm, concentration 2-40%) solid-and-liquid separation, size classification, liquid clarification .Especially ,it issuitable for the suspension separation that with difficult in filter cloth recycling, and the material with large concentration and big size range.

•All parts coming into contact with the product are made of stainless steel.
•3-phase AC motor for controlled torque starting via frequency converter
•Approximately 80 to 90 % of the oil is recovered.
•Low personnel costs due to continuous and automatic operation.
•Highest g-force for higher solids output
•Adjustable bowl speed via VFD
•Automatic adjustment of differential speed via VFD
•Two motor drive
•Belts for both primary motor and secondary motor

Advantage and Benefits to Choice Decanter Centrifuge:
*.Low Cake Moisture 
*.Compact design and requires low space
*.Low operation cost
*.High dewatering and filtration capacity
*.Low required space
*.Smooth operation

 2.Working principle of the used decanter centrifuge:

There is spiral which is the feeding spiral which is has the same axis with the drum.The spiral and the drum rotate in different speed but in the same direction.The rotate difference is caused by the differential.The suspension enters the spiral through the feeding pump in the centre, when it starts to speed up the material goes into the drum.Under the effect of the centrifuge force, the relatively heavy solidoid sediments into slag blanket on the surface of the drum wall, then the spiral push the slag blanket to the drum cone section for further dehydration, latter it will be discharged from the small section slag hole.While the relatively light liquicdoid forms the inner liquid cycle, and it will be discharged from the large end overflow gate.

The light liquid phase is discharged into the casing through radial holes in the large end hub. The heavy liquid phase is discharged through axial holes in the large end hub. The liquid radius for the light liquid phase is smaller than the radius for the heavy liquid phase. The liquid level is controlled by plate dams. In order to prevent the light liquid phase from leaving the bowl through the heavy liquid phase outlet, a separating plate is placed on the inside of the large end hub. The heavy liquid phase has to pass under the separating plate before being discharged into the casing. The liquid radius for the heavy liquid phase is controlled by plate dams. The solids are discharged in the normal way.

3.Application :

Crude palm oil separation process 

Olive oil separation process 

Coconut oil separation process 

Avocado oil separation process 

Fish oil separation process 

Diesel oil separation process 

Soybean oil separation process 

Chicken oil separation process 

Starch separation process 
If you are interested in 3 phase tricanter centrifuge for crude oil process , contact us freely ,We will help you choose suitable model machine . 
4.Technical parameters :


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