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small household milk cream separator

Time: 2018-08-09 16:44:54

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Good performance small household milk cream separator
Liaoning Fuyi Machinery is one of the most famous centrifuge manufacturers in China with 30 years mature experience and techniques"China Tubular Separator National Standard" is drafted by our company. Nowadays our customers are from global market which give good feedback for our products.
We promise supply customers the best quality and service in China.

Small milk cream separator
1)This machine is directly driven by the high speed motor, has the  advantages of energy saving, durable and convenient repair.
2)9ND50 vertical milk separator is disc type centrifugal separator, the milk 
is separated into two parts cream and skim milk by centrifugal force 
generated by high speed rotating. Important parts of the machine are made 
of high quality material, and after heat treatment, durable. All the milk and 
contact parts are stainless steel or tin material, has good corrosion resistance.
The following are examples of applications:

• Milk and whey cream skimming
• Clarification of milk and whey
• Bacteria removal from milk and whey
• Cream concentration
• Standardization of milk, cream and whey cream

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