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Fish Oil Extraction Disc Centrifuge

Time: 2018-08-02 13:28:21

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High Speed Fish Oil Separation Disc Centrifuge

FUYI Disc centrifuge separator separation fish oil from water manufactured in China is a kind of centrifugal equipment with high separation factor, The minium separation particle size is 1 micron. It is esprcially used in extraction, enrichment and clarification of material with the following situations: the specific gravity difference between solid phase and liquid phase is small; the partical size is small and solid content is low; the medium is strong corrosive, Mainly used in the solid-liquid separation adn liquid-solid separation for food, chemical, beverage, biological pharmacy, blood products, solid-liquid separation of intermediates and so on, this machine is with the advantages; good separation effect, high yiled, somall cover area, easy operation. etc. 




Plant oil(corn oil,peanut oil,palm oil etc)

Animal oil(fish oil,pork oil,chicken oil,cow oil etc)

Beverage(Wine,Beer,Fruit and vegetable juices,Citrus juices,essential oil,coffee,tea,soy drink etc)

Plant and Chinese Medicine extraction liquid

(honeysuckle,tea polyphenols,radix isatidis,momordica grosvenori etc)


• Full automation possible with PLC automatic control panel

• Centrifugal separation requiring no filter media.

• High reliability drive train system backed by delivery of over 1,000 units a year.

• Bowl design with superior separation performance and with good response to discharge loads.

• Pilot valve regulates total/partial discharge of solids.

• Super partial discharger (option) minimizes liquid loss and maximizes thickening of solid


• fraction for discharge.


• Vibration-proof design realizes long working life.

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